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Independent Baptist Books

IBAdirect.com is your resource for Independent Baptist Books.  All the books on this site are KJV, and written by Baptist Authors only.  For years I heard people say of books, you have to eat the meat and spit out the bones.  I am tired of gnawing on bones and I am weary of seeing young preachers eating bad doctrine and being led away by heresies.  Here you will find doctrinally sound and Biblically based books only.  We are proud to promote the doctrine that our Baptist forefathers have carried throughout the centuries ofOpen Book time and delivered to us through the Word of God.  It is not our intention to stir a fight with anyone, but this resource is distinctly Baptist and thus all authors listed here must confirm the Doctrinal Statement to list their materials on this site.  This doesn’t mean that you will agree with everything that is contained in their writings but on these basic doctrinal positions you can be assured that they are in agreement.There are many great authors that you have probably never heard of listed on this site, but I assure you that you will be fed and encouraged by the content you find here and you will not have to worry about doctrinal error being promoted.  It’s time to challenge your mind without compromising your doctrine.  IBAdirect.com gives you Baptist books for Baptist people.

Distinctively BaptistMaterials written by and for Independent Baptists