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Cooper Abrams

My greatest interest in is studying the Bible, continuing my education, and following my calling as a church planter, pastor, and teacher. I am a missionary, planting Fundamental Independent Baptist churches, in the Mormon heartland of Utah. We have been missionaries serving in southern, central, and northern Utah since 1986. We are sent out by Calvary Baptist Church, King, NC. I graduated from Piedmont Bible College in 1981 with a Bachelors Degree in Theology (ThB) with a Pastoral Major. In May 2000 with I completed a Master of Biblical Studies Degree (MBS) from Piedmont Baptist College. I graduated on May 29, 2013 with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion – Bible major (PhD) from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Dothan, Alabama. My Web Site http://bible-truth.org is in the top five IFB sites on the web and receives from six to nine thousand visitors per day.