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F.B. Meyer

One of the greatly loved preachers of his day,
Frederick Brotherton Meyer was a pastor,
author, Bible teacher and evangelist. He was
born in London in 1847 and grew up in a
Christian home.

A devoted student of God’s Word, he was the
author of over 40 books, including Bible
biographies (character studies), devotional
commentaries, sermon volumes and expository works. He also authored several pamphlets and edited a number of magazines.

Although, for the most part, his pastorates were in England, Dr. Meyer was a frequent visitor to the United States and Canada. At the age of 80, he conducted his twelfth American preaching campaign, traveling more than 15,000 miles and addressing over 300 meetings.

During his long and fruitful life, he preached more than 16,000 sermons. Said one author: “The phrasing of [Meyer’s] sermons was simple and direct; he polished his discourses as an artist polishes a perfect stone. There was always a glowing imagery in his words; his speech was pastoral, lovely as an English valley washed in sunlight….In his day, great wars raged. Those who went to hear him forgot the battles.”

He had great influence upon such giants of the Faith as J. Wilbur Chapman and Charles H. Spurgeon. It was Spurgeon who said, “Meyer preaches as a man who has seen God face to face.”

His life’s motto was “Make the most of me that can be made for Thy glory.”