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How to publish a book

The publishing process is not nearly as complicated as you might think.  There are many good Independent Baptist Printing Ministries that are available to help you.  I want to give you just a few tips to get you started and then the information to link you to the ministries that can accomplish the printing process.  We are starting this list from the prospective that you have already written your book.  If you haven’t yet done that please see the How to write a book page.

1. Get your book edited by a professional.  The first time I wrote anything I tried to edit it myself.  I proof read it, I had my wife proof read it and I thought that would be sufficient.  Inevitably you will print and then find every mistake that you missed.  The best part is that other people will be glad to point out all the things you missed.  It doesn’t cost much to have a book edited.  The editor I use charges $2.00/ page and does a wonderful job.  Many editors can cast over $5.00/ page so her rate is very reasonable and it will greatly enhance the readability of your work.  The better the editing the more referral you will get from readers to direct others to your writing.

Copyediting Services – Judy D. Hooper
• More than 25 years as a professional journalist with special emphasis on copy editing.
• Copy Editor for two major state newspapers — 10 years at The Arkansas-Democrat Gazette in Little Rock, AR, and 10 years at The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City, OK.
• Copy Writer and Copy Editor for five years in the Marketing Department at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Destin, FL.
• Copy Editor for several books and teaching manuals written by Pastor Rick Carter Jr., Beth Haven Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK.
• Copy Editor for a book and manual written by Bro. T.J. Hawkins, Colorado Springs, CO.
• Extensive knowledge of The Associated Press Style Manual.
Fees: $2.00/ page.  If you have questions or need special pricing consideration you can contact Sister Hooper at: jhooper@pldi.net


2. Decide on the details of your book.  You will need to decide several details about your book before you choose a printer.  What size is best?  There are two sizes that most people use, either an 8.5 x 11 or 5.5 x 8. the larger size is generally for workbook type formats.  The second issue is what type of binding do you want for your book.  If it is under 20 pages you can usually saddle staple the book.  Over 45 pages you will more than likely use the glue bound paperback often called perfect bound.  If your book is a workbook you may choose to have it spiral bound which is great if people need to write in the book.  A hardback book is the most expensive option and usually requires you to print a greater quantity to get the best price.


3. Choose the printer that best fits your needs.  There are several great Independent Baptist Printing Ministries that will be help you get your books into print.  These ministries each have areas that they excel in and have been a blessing to many already helping them get their writing into print.  You can expect to pay a design fee, and then a per copy price for your book.  The design fee covers the cover design and layout of the book into printing format.  The cost per book is usually based on the number of pages, style of binding and how many books you are printing at a time.

These are printing ministries that we recommend, they are all good people who will do a great job for you. They are listed in alphabetical order here, which is not an indication that one is better than another, it is just the easiest way to list them.


Bethel Baptist Publishers – Bethel Baptist Church

Pastor Wilbert Unger Toll Free: (866) 295-4143 or (519) 652-2619  Email: info@bethelbaptist.ca


Calvary Baptist Publishers – Mark Chartier Director

A Ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church 1902 East Cavanaugh Road, Lansing, MI 48910
Phone:517.882.2112 Ex. 15   Web: www.calvarypublishing.org  Email: Mark@CalvaryPublishing.org


Faith Baptist Church Publications – Linda K. Milam Director Publications & Printing

A Ministry of Faith Baptist Church, Fort Pierce, FL 34982  Dr. Ron Hodge, Pastor

Web Address: www.fbcpublications.com  Email: printing@fbcpublications.com

Phone: 772-461-6460  Fax: 772-461-6474


Faithful Life Publishers – Jim Wendorf Director, Fort Myers, Florida

Phone: (888) 720-0950  Email: info@flpublishers.com  website: www.flpublishers.net