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Bible Answers v. 5 – Speaking in Tongues

Bible Answers v. 5 – Speaking in Tongues



Sometimes, before coming to Christ or as a new Christian, we are exposed to false doctrine. Not having a solid foundation for truth, we are persuaded to conform to what we are taught. For some it means multiple gods or praying to Mary or baptizing babies, etc. But if we are diligent in our study of the Bible, God will lead us to the truth.

In my case, I was taught that speaking in tongues is a heavenly language, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a necessity, and a doorway to the spiritual gifts. I was taught that only those speaking in tongues were walking close to God. So, we tried to persuade other Christians that they were deficient without tongues. I even became a Pentecostal preacher.

But God began to convict me that this teaching was NOT at all what the Scriptures taught. This book explains how I was deceived and the truths that helped me “come out” when I became serious to know… What the Bible says about Speaking in Tongues.

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