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Disciplines for New Believers

Disciplines for New Believers



This work is an eight week discipleship booklet designed for new converts to aid in spiritual growth.  The discipline begins by reading a chapter from the book everyday for the next eight weeks.  Ponder the Bible verse, and meditate on its ramifications throughout the day.  A “questions log” is provided at the end of each week from the disciple to the Pastor or Discipler in order to facilitate further discussions on the topic at hand.  This booklet has a special emphasis on Baptist Distinctives (teaching that are exclusive to Baptists), a hint of doctrinal and practical Bible truths, a recommended reading list for further study, and a brief survey of a variety of Basic Bible study tools which are essential to every student of the Bible.

Every Christian has a next step to take in his walk with the Lord.  Every day is a new opportunity for God to work in and through you for His glory.  Every step is therefor a necessary step of faith and obedience, recognizing who God is and doing exactly what He wants according to His Word.

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