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Rescue 911 Spiritual Diseases

Rescue 911 Spiritual Diseases



The recent outbreak of obesity in our nation has the medical field scrambling with treatments of diet, medication, and exercise. Would we as Christians be as concerned with spiritual obesity and internal struggles of the heart? What is spiritual obesity? Do we find it in God’s Word?   What does the Great Physician say about our spiritual obesity? What prescriptions does He write for our heart diseases?


This book deals with those questions and addresses the covert sins of anger, bitterness, jealousy, pride, and rebellion – those spiritual problems which harden the heart of the believer, causing internal spiritual decay and even physical health problems.


Each lesson is outlined using causes, symptoms, Biblical examples, and treatments. Loaded with Scripture and suggested teaching ideas, you will find this book a handy resource for ladies’ classes, family devotions, home-school Bible classes, and your own personal devotional time.


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