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Women of the Bible v. 1 – Helpmeets & Homemakers

Women of the Bible v. 1 – Helpmeets & Homemakers



Are you tired of the same old shallow romance novels? Would you like to read true Biblical accounts and gain insights that can really help you—about helpmeets and homemakers of the past?

In this book you will find romance, suspense, and intrigue surrounding these ten Bible ladies. You will find meditations on what it was like for Eve during her pregnancy. Who was the first missionary wife? How did two sisters cope with marriage to the same man? What are the ABC’s of an ideal homemaker? Is it possible to train a child for the Lord when you are married to an unbeliever?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more from Shirley’s diligent research. Discover how God was there for these ladies during days of illness, fatigue, and stress. And learn how He promises to be there for you, too, when you face similar circumstances today. Glean rich nuggets about these women of yesteryear in … Helpmeets and Homemakers.

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